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Sinkhole Repair

sinkhole beside the house

Sinkholes can open up unexpectedly, but they can be repaired. When a sinkhole occurs you should call a foundation repair company that handles sinkhole repairs. Sanford Foundation Repair offers affordable and expert sinkhole repairs Sanford Foundation Repair.


What to do if a sinkhole appears?

If a sinkhole appears, there are some things that you need to remember and do. If the sinkhole has appeared, and poses an imminent threat to a house or another structure, you need to get out immediately. You should ensure that everyone has left the building or house and that they are all at a safe distance away from the sinkhole. Contact emergency personnel as well. They will then contact a building inspector who will first investigate and decide if it is safe for everyone to return to the house or building. If you have come across a sinkhole in the middle of a road, contact the local law enforcement agencies, who will ensure that the area is barricaded immediately. We assist in these types of sinkhole repairs all over Sanford, FL.


What do we do?

Sanford Foundation Repair will first examine a sinkhole that has been discovered, and then a repair method will be decided upon depending on the stability, location, and size of the sinkhole. Even small sinkholes need to be inspected first, but if they are small and they are in open areas, we usually fill them and restore them with ground cover. We ensure that each sinkhole that we come across is strictly evaluated so that we can determine what method of repair is needed. We have experts that respond immediately to all sinkhole repair requests because we know that they are potentially very dangerous. Our repair process will always begin with safety. You can rely on us for effective sinkhole repairs!



We already know that sinkholes need to be evaluated before any repairs are carried out. The goal in every case regarding sinkholes is to find or even create solid support underneath the home, building, or ground cover. When a small sinkhole has occurred, and it is in an open area, and it is stable, it can be filled. This is an easy repair compared to larger sinkholes. Repairs for larger sinkholes are likely to require excavation right down to bedrock. This will need to be done to ensure stability, a filling operation with gravel, dirt, layers of rock, and in some cases grout will be performed. All of the evaluations and repairs will need to be done by a geological engineer.


How long do repairs take?

Small sinkhole repairs can be repaired very quickly, within a few days. Large or even massive sinkholes can take weeks to repair, as the evaluation will need to be thoroughly completed, if excavation is needed that will prolong the repairs. Depending on the size of the sinkhole, the filling can also take a lot of time. Sinkholes must be repaired properly, otherwise, they could just open up again, causing more damage, and then taking even longer to repair.

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