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Commercial Foundation Repair

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Are you considering commercial foundation repairs? Sanford Foundation Repair not only has the experience in repairing residential foundations, but we are also more than capable of providing commercial foundation repairs as well!  When you need commercial foundation repair, you need to choose a company that has qualifications, and that has experience in commercial repairs. Call us now and receive a free detailed quote for our commercial foundation repair services!


What we do

We will send foundation engineers to your building, and they will go through some processes, which will include asking you to explain your concerns to us. We always listen carefully so that we can fully understand the issues that you are having with your commercial foundation.  We will require the plans for you the structural plans for your commercial building, if you do not have this, we may need to carry out some tests to determine how your building was constructed. Our experts will take thorough measurements.  We also take a look at the drainage of your property.  We also take notes of damage to the interior and exterior of your property. Once we have completed our processes we will then put the information together and analyze it.  After this, we will make recommendations to you about the foundation repairs.


Problems of commercial foundations

All types of commercial foundations are at some point prone to many different foundation problems. Let us go over these and why there are problems. Commercial foundations are usually large, especially when compared to residential foundations, therefore requiring a large amount of concrete. Problems occur when settlement occurs, the concrete cracks and sloped floors start to develop.  Sometimes commercial problems are due to poor construction, and poorly mixed concrete commercial foundation problems are sometimes the results of changing or moisture around the foundation. Sanford Foundation Repair has experts that will carefully evaluate and decide on the best method to repair your commercial foundations!


What you can look for that will indicate commercial foundation repairs

It does not matter if your foundation is part of an older commercial building or new construction, there are signs that you can look for to indicate that your commercial foundation is experiencing some issues and needs to be repaired. These signs include; settlement, shifting, uneven or sloped floors, bowed or leaning walls, cracks in the floors, windows or doors that are misaligned, crumbling concrete, and water leakage. If you see any of these signs, then it is an indication that you need to call us.


Repair solutions

Sanford Foundation Repair will provide you with effective commercial foundation repairs that will take care of your foundation repairs. We are experienced in all types of repairs, and we have qualified engineers who know how to handle this big task. We also are fully equipped and therefore can execute repairs properly. We are familiar with underpinning techniques, steel push piers, piling, and auger cast piles. No matter what is required in terms of commercial foundation repair, we have all of the solutions and expertise.

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