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Polyurethane Foam Injection

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Sanford Foundation Repair offers polyurethane foam injection services, that are affordable and always carried out by qualified personnel.  Polyurethane foam injection has become popular because the repair can be done very quickly. It has also simplified some types of slab foundation repairs. If you need foundation repairs, call us today, and we will see if our polyurethane foam injection services are the way to go!


What is polyurethane foam injection?

So you may be wondering what is polyurethane foam injection, let us explain what it is in this section. Polyurethane foam is polyol and isocyanate resin sealant, insulation, and grout which is injectable.  It expands when applied, therefore providing a  void fill, re-leveling and structural support. Also, polyurethane foam is flame-retardant, noninvasive, and it is waterproof. Polyurethane is a chemical compound that is in a liquid form until it expands into a solid foam, which is incredibly strong. One of the advantages of it being a liquid is that it can permeate perfectly into small, cramped spaces such as a void under patios, foundations, and sidewalks.


Where can polyurethane foam injection be used?

Polyurethane foam injection can be used for residential and commercial property repairs because it has a short curing time. Polyurethane foam injection is also perfect for leaks as it will seal leaks effectively. Polyurethane foam injections can be used to repair slab foundations, sidewalks, commercial floors, patio voids, and so many more places! For more information on where polyurethane foam injection can be used, call Sanford Foundation Repair, and we will assist you right away.


Benefits of polyurethane foam injection

Polyurethane foam injection has benefits that will surprise you, let us go over these benefits and why we at Sanford Foundation Repairs make use of this foam injection. Polyurethane foam injection is dense, lightweight yet strong.  Once the job is complete the area that was repaired can be used within 15 minutes. When applying polyurethane foam injection we only need a few small holes, therefore cutting down on labor. Because the foam retains its structure and strength, it can reduce the chance of new gaps and settling. The foam is also not weakened by water or moisture, so will not lose its strength while underground. Another great benefit is that polyurethane foam injection is environmentally friendly.


Why hire us?

You need to hire us for your polyurethane foam injection services because we are experts when it comes to all types of applications. Whether it is for residential or commercial requirements, we apply polyurethane foam injections professionally. We have experts on our teams, and therefore we are confident that we have the capabilities to complete any project.  We are also always professional yet friendly. We know that our teams of engineers are always reliable and that they offer excellent customer service. We also provide free quotations that are obligation-free! So, call us right now, and let's set up an appointment that is convenient for you!

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