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Seawall Repair

sea wall near the shore

A seawall can be repaired at the fraction of the cost that a wall replacement will cost. Sanford Foundation Repairs offers professional seawall repair services for all of our clients in Sanford, FL. When a property owner is struggling with issues of a failing seawall, it is because the soil is being washed away with every tidal cycle or wave that goes under the seawall or through the gaps in the seawall. All of this will be cause for a faulty seawall that will need repairs.


Signs of a seawall that needs repairs

When you feel that you need a seawall repair, there are signs that you can look for and then decide from there if repairs are required. Signs will include the following; the ground behind the wall is caving in, you can see voids, and sinkholes are busy forming.  You can also tale a look at the nearby sidewalks, patios, and pool deck slabs that may have settled. These can cause uneven ground and will become hazards.


How to repair a seawall and our services

The first thing that you need to do is call in the experts, so call Sanford Foundation Repairs!The most common methods for repairing a seawall include repkace parts of the wall, rep;acing eroded dirt with new soil and filing in cracks with resin. An initial inspection will first be carried out, so that the engineer can present you with the options and the prices. When choosing a method, our experts will ensure that any of these repair methods are successful. Once you give us the go ahead, we will set up a date that suits you so that we can start with the repairs on your seawall.  If we see that your seawall damage is serverly damage we will advise you to replace the seawall.  If you see that your seawall is damaged, you should contact us without delay so that repairs can be done as soon as possible.


Why repair seawalls?

Seawalls are there to prevent flooding and are also used to deter shore erosion. Shore erosion can eat away at the land which can cause severe damage to roads, buildings and homes.  If seawalls are not repaired, they will worsen over time and therefore will cost more to replace the wall. Benefits of seawalls protect the environment , your home and other properties  against flooding during storms. Seawall repair will also protect foundations , if seawalls start to erode, foundations can sink  and the level of buildings wil be uneven which can cause damage. Not only is a damaged seawall a problem, it is also visually unappealing.



Sanford Foundation Repair keeps its seawall repair costs as reasonable as possible. Also, remember seawall repairs are much cheaper than seawall replacement. Costs will depend on how much repairs is needed to be done, and what method of repairs was decided on. Keep in mind that we supply quotes for free and that they are obligation free!

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