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Sanford Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair in Sanford, FL

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Do you require foundation repairs that are always done professionally? Are you looking for a trusted foundation repair company that is reliable and trustworthy? Then you need to call Sanford Foundation Repair today! We offer free assessments and quotes on various repairs. Our prices are also competitive, but you will never find customer service and high-quality work anywhere else!

All of our contractors are fully qualified engineers who understand foundations, how they work and how they need to be repaired effectively to prevent further damage. When we are hired for foundation repairs, we always take the job very seriously and therefore will ensure that our teams follow strict safety regulations.

About Us

As a company that has been operating for over 20 years, we have built up a reputation that proves that we are professionals. We always respond to clients' needs positively, and we always ensure that our repairs are done at a high standard! Sanford Foundation Repair is the only company that you should consider for your foundation requirements. We will also decide on the best repair methods, and techniques to ensure that each project is handled professionally.

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    Our Services

    We have a range of services that you may find useful to your needs. All our services are done by highly qualified contractors. They are always dedicated to all types of repairs that are required. We offer slab foundation repair, sinkhole repair, commercial foundation repairs, and many more services! Please carry on reading to find our list of services that are listed below, with the list we have also included a brief description of each service. You can also call us and enquire about a particular service.

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    Slab Foundation Repair

    In the past, the technique that was used to repair slab foundations usually meant pouring concrete. However, with new techniques that we use today, there are several ways to repair slab foundations. Sanford Foundation Repair has qualified contractors who are familiar with different techniques and will use the one that is most suited for that slab foundation repair. When we are called for slab foundation repairs, we will assess the issues and then advise on the steps going forward. Once hired, we will ensure that everything is carried out precisely so that our client receives the best results from us.

    house crawl space under repair
    Crawl Space Repair

    We offer crawl space repairs at affordable prices, so if your crawl space has flooded or it has leaks, we can carry out the repairs for you. Once crawl space repairs are completed, we also advise you on the different ways to keep your crawl space in a good condition. Our crawl space repairs are done safely and professionally.

    “After hiring Sanford Foundation Repair, I will never hire another foundation repair company again. This company’s teams of engineers were so professional when it came to repairing my crawl space at my home. From the very minute that I met them, I was already impressed by their professional manner and how quickly they got to work! The results of the work done were amazing. I recommend this business to anyone who needs foundation repairs! Thank you and keep up the great services!” – Gary P

    sinkhole in the walkway
    Sinkhole Repair

    When a sinkhole has been discovered, it needs to be examined so that the repair method can be decided upon. Sinkhole repairs will depend on some factors, which will include the size, stability, location, and the cause of the sinkhole. A sinkhole can cause a lot of damage and can be dangerous to everyone and everything around it, and therefore we will respond swiftly and do everything we can to prevent further damage. We have professionals on our team that can handle the entire sinkhole repair process safely.

    excavators near the sea
    Seawall Repair

    Sanford Foundation Repair offers seawall repairs at good prices. Our contractors are experts at seawall repairs and will ensure that the repairs are done at a high standard. Seawall repairs are cheaper than replacement of the seawall, and we will ensure that our repairs are done effectively.

    “We came across a sinkhole in our street and knew that it could cause a tremendous amount of damage if it was not repaired immediately. Our neighbor recommended Sanford Foundation Repair to us, and we immediately called them. They immediately arrived and assessed the situation, and quickly came to a solution on how to repair this sinkhole. They also ensured that everyone was kept away from the sinkhole and that the area was closed off. Repairs were done by hardworking engineers who were well-equipped to handle this repair. Thank you for your quick response and quality results. – Bruce P

    worker drilling the floor
    Polyurethane Foam Injection

    Our services include polyurethane foam injection which can be used for a wide variety of different things in concrete repair. Polyurethane foam injection can be used for leveling and raising concrete slabs, we can also use it for raising footings and even displacing underground water. When our contractors use polyurethane foam injection it is also a quicker alternative method. It is also more precise and structurally stable when doing repairs. Call us now and find out more about our polyurethane injection service.

    many worker scraping the cement
    Commercial Foundation Repair

    Hire Sanford Foundation Repair will provide you with effective commercial foundation repairs. When we come are hired because of sinking foundations, we will use different techniques to rectify the issue, and repair the commercial foundation. Our qualified and skilled engineers will work hard to ensure that we give you the best commercial foundation repair services in Sanford, FL,

    “I hired Sanford Foundation Repair for slab foundation repairs, and I can honestly say that I was very impressed by their skills, their techniques, and their professionalism. Oh, yes, and their prices were so reasonable! For any slab foundation repairs that you require, I highly recommend this business. Thank you, everyone!”  - Ryan H

    Call Us Today

    You can easily get in touch with us by heading over to our contact page and calling one of our contact numbers which are available from Monday to Saturday. We always have a knowledgeable engineer nearby who can assist you with your inquiries and who can assist you with information on our services. You can also send us a short email, and we will call you back! Head over to Sanford Foundation Repair and click on the contact page for more details on how to get in touch with us!