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Slab Foundation Repair

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Now with new techniques, there are different ways to repair foundations, whereas in the past foundation repair just meant pouring concrete. New methods have proven to be better suited for specific conditions. Each new method has its strength for slab foundation repair. Sanford Foundation repair keeps up with new techniques, and we ensure that our foundation engineers are qualified in each method. If you require slab foundation repairs, call us, and we will gladly assess and supply you with a quote.


Foundation issues, and how to detect them

All buildings including houses will settle over time, causing some unevenness, but this is not causing for worrying, However, there are more serious signs that you can keep in mind and be aware of, which could mean more significant problems. In this section, we will go over these signs. Doors that don't close properly or they don't stay closed. Windows that won't close completely or start sticking. If you have concrete floors with tiles over them and they start cracking. Cracks that all of a sudden appear in walls, especially in the areas around the doors or windows. If you ever see these signs, you might have foundation issues! You can call in the experts, who carry out an inspection on the interior and exterior of your home.


Types of repairs

There are different types of repairs for a slab foundation, and the type of repair will depend on the situation. Let us take a look at the different types of repairs. The different types of repairs are steel pressed pilings, concrete pressed pilings, concrete piers, slab jacking, high-density polyurethane foam, helical piers, and spot piers. Each repair has its method and benefits. Our highly-qualified contractors will assess the situation. They will then determine which method is more suitable for the slab foundation repair. Each situation can come with its challenges, but you can rely on us to make the best decision when it comes to slab foundation repair.


Why should the slab foundation be repaired?

The signs that we mentioned above don’t just happen, they always happen for a reason. Damaged areas mean that there is a problem somewhere else that needs to be addressed as well as the repairs.  Problems like this could be extra moisture that could cause damage and add up to more costly and complicated repairs. Therefore slab foundation issues should never be ignored, they will not go away on their own! Repairs will be needed urgently to prevent further damage.


Why hire us?

Sanford Foundation Repair has teams of engineers that will carefully assess the situation and inspect the signs. Once they have results, they will complete a detailed quote for you. On approval, we will arrive on the scheduled day and start with our repairs. The first step will to be rectify the issue that is causing the slab foundation damage. Then the actual repairs will be done. Our contractors will keep you updated as they progress with repairs. By hiring us, you will be guaranteed optimal repair results. Our teams are professional and reliable at all times.

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